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Stubbington Tree Care Ltd


If you have trees on your property, you already know how quickly they can get out of hand. Therefore, we've created tree services to equip you with all that you need to keep your trees under control, healthy and beautiful throughout the year

Tree surgery services around Stubbington, Fareham

Our tree care services, here at Stubbington Tree Care Ltd are designed to ensure that you never have to worry about your trees or your grounds again. Whether you have a tree whose crown is taking up too much space or you'd like a tree stump removed, so that you can get that paved driveway you've always wanted, we can take care of it for you cheaply, professionally and safely!

What do our tree services include?

  • Tree felling: We can help remove any unwanted tree from your property in a safe, professional manner.
  • Stump grinding & removal: Using a stump grinder, we can remove any stump you want taken away from your property.
  • Hedge trimming: Our hedge trimming services also cover hedge cutting, reshaping and more. What would you like?
  • Crown reduction: Is your tree blocking out all the sun? By reducing the tree crown, we can help get more light in.
  • Garden clearance: Is your garden completely overgrown? Our garden clearance service will restore normality.
  • Wood chippings: We can supply you with wood chippings by the truckload. All you need to pay for is delivery.

Enjoy professional tree services right here in Fareham. Call us today on 01329 661 494

Tree preservation orders and trees in conservation areas

Is there a specific tree or (section of) woodland you'd like protected? In our many of working with trees, and with local councils, we've gained quite some experience with Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs). We are more than happy to handle your TPO application for you.

Based in Fareham, we work throughout Warsash, Park Gate, Titchfield, Locks Heath, Gosport and across the Hampshire district If you'd like to discuss this or any of our other tree service in further detail, please contact us.

We have now purchased a predator stump grinder with narrow access and remote control, meaning we can get places where others can't and do the job more efficiently.


Stubbington Tree Care offers a variety of services here and the terminology can be confusing. For clarity, we have outlined some of the terms we use in our quotations.

Complete removal

There are many techniques for complete removal but the most common is carried out using specialist lowering equipment with the tree taken down in sections (known as a sectional fell). Removing trees in this way means lawns, sheds and other obstacles can be avoided and left undamaged.

Crown Reduction/Re-shape

Reduce the top of the tree to the required height and then adjust the sides accordingly (see pictures in gallery for examples).


Removal of all limbs back into larger stems (removing all greenery from the tree). Pollarding is subject to the trees condition and species as some older and/or weaker species are not suitable.

Crown clean / Dead wood removal

All dead branches, stems and crossing and rubbing branches are removed. This is usually carried out for the safety of property and personnel.

Crown lifting

Lifting the crown is usually carried out to gain light on your property while balancing the tree or for clearance for roads and footpaths.

Crown thinning

Crown thinning removes branches from within the canopy letting more light through the tree. Thinning your tree can prevent problems such as deadwood and crossing or rubbing branches.

Specialist pruning

This includes the pruning of all fruiting, flowering and other species where the greatest of care is needed.

Site clearance

The complete removal of all trees/hedges and any other woody vegetation in an area.

Stump grinding

The removal of the stump usually to 1-2 feet and then removing the main root system. This means the tree is unable to re-grow and the ground is ready for replanting/redevelopment.

Hedge trimming service

Stubbington Tree Care offers a full professional hedge trimming service, we also reduce the height of hedges that sometimes get out of hand.

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